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Numscrypt: A tiny bit of NumPy for Transcrypt, using JavaScript typed arrays.

C/C++ and Python constitute a solid basis for many mature scientific computing platforms. It's futile to try and redo the world of high performance computing inside the browser, it's like squeezing an elephant into a mouse hole. Having said that, some computational capabilities in the browser would still be handy. Afterall, if something runs in the browser, you can show it to anyone.

There are quite some numerical libraries for JavaScript. As with any JavaScript library, you can use those from Transcrypt as is. Still the familiarity of NumPy in the technical and scientific world makes it attractive to have at least some of it available to Transcrypt. Even modest computational possibilities, combined with elegant expression of linear algebra with the use of operator overloading opens some interesting alleys in the educational area. And who knows what may come of it.

Another application of Numscrypt is to use it as a platform to try out technologies like asm.js, simd.js and GPGPU for the most time-critical parts of the code. Forking and experimentation encouraged!!

Numerical mathematics